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By Frank Kocher

rock blues country jam band

 Cathouse Thursday are a band who originate from California and unlike many Nashville bands deliver contemporary songs with tight harmonies and a very laid back style. Sounding much like The Band in their early days this group of talented musicians deliver their music with a definite swing and style.

Lead singer, writer and producer Will Faeber sounds much like Sawyer Brown’s Mark Miller and the band have a superb range of playing styles.

The songs range from the gospel influence of When I Told You I Was A Cowboy through the rock steady of Make A little Heaven to the gentle ballad, Quiet Darlin’. Overall it is a difficult album to assess because it fits into so many genres or categories. It is very pleasant listening and is definitely Country, although some might say it has too many influences at work at one time and seems to lack a little coherence. Having said that, it is a beautifully produced collection of original songs that are very different and offer a new slant on Country.