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Draws you in with their sublimely done guitar licks and smoking hot vocals.

Their sixth album in less than thirteen years, this four-person band sure knows how to turn the quality button up to eleven in such a wonderful way. This eleven track album demonstrates the large-arena potential that they have and, if the whimsical Taylor Swift can fill a stadium or two, than Cathouse Thursday are bound to be responsible for doing exactly that but in a much more awesome way.

If Funky Hang Loose does not find radio or commercial success than there is something seriously wrong with people. Changing beat on many occasions to much success, it results in this being the finest track of the album and one which is bound to enter many people’s “Top Song List” of 2011. Other tunes on this record are just as good. Make A Little Heaven uses a country rock beat that grows on you. The electric guitar certainly leads this song on a merry little jaunt which is exceedingly fun to hear and leaves the body feeling exhilarated towards its conclusion.

This tight-nit band has all the credentials to be a bona-fide act. The music which they release is excellent and here’s hoping that this isn’t the last the world has heard of Cathouse Thursday.